The Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary, Mini-museum and Art Gallery is the brainchild of Prof. Julian N. Jumalon, a Cebuano Fine Arts Graduate of the University of the Philippines, Manila. The Butterfly Sanctuary includes the breeding of the butterflies of Cebu which had been opened to the public since 1974, where people could view the life-cycles of native butterflies.

The Butterfly Sanctuary


Man must devise strategies for survival toward a better, sustainable future while carrying on what is good and beautiful for posterity to enjoy. That is what the Butterfly Sanctuary is all about. Part of its rationale is to inculcate upon impressionable young minds, captive audiences of pupils accompanied here by concerned teachers and parents, the wisdom of environmental protection and conservation. Every time a species becomes extinct owing to man's greed or negligence, mankind is poorer, for the gene pool is diminished, as consequently are the resources available to it in terms of potential economic, survival or aesthetic value.

This pilot Butterfly Sanctuary has provided in its modest space the natural habitat of 55 butterfly species and scores of moths and associated fauna. Itself a veritable botanical garden, it has grown within the 1,460-square-meter enclosure more than one hundred plant species, some serving as part of the life-support system of butterflies in their larval stages. Although many a visitor strays into the garden to catch a glimpse of these flying gems in their poetry in motion, through the years students with scientific inclination have been assisted in their term papers and master's theses by having materials in the Sanctuary available for them for research on natural history. It is also a place where sometimes an overenthusiastic adult, with sharpened reflexes, can be young again by chasing something beautiful and elusive.


Butterfly Collection

Complementing the Sanctuary is the Butterfly Collection, perhaps the oldest in the country, which includes 24 type specimens (discovered by Prof. Jumalon), the artist being also an accomplished lepidopterist with several technical publications in various scientific journals to his credit. In fact, J. N. Jumalon had been acknowledged as a resource person in the Red Data Book, Endangered Swallowtail Butterflies of the World, published by IUCN - the World Conservation Union.

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery houses the water color paintings and "lepido-mosaic" of Prof. Jumalon. The Professor was the first Cebuano Fine Arts graduate of the University of the Philippines. He is the first in the Philippines to use damaged butterfly and moth wings and recycled them to become works of art which he named "lepido-mosaic." His subjects vary from nature and environment to Philippine and Cebuano folklore and historical personages such as Charles Darwin, Pres. Sergio Osmeņa, Sr., Dr. Jose Rizal and Lapulapu. Likewise on display are Jumalon's early vintage charcoal figure drawings when a fine arts student and a few oil paintings.


Other Collections

Available also for viewing are mini-collections of coins, stamps, dolls, seashells, fossils, key holders, rocks, eggs, native baskets and artifacts, fair samplings that may inspire a child into starting a wholesome hobby that will hopefully keep him away from drugs, gambling and other sinister influence of the current nationwide counterculture.

Public Viewing


The Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery are open to the public all days of the week from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Large groups are requested to make a prior appointment either in writing or by telephone to avoid overlapping. Lectures vary from a thumbnail sketch to a detailed description, spiced with anecdotes and background information little-known by scientific lore. The visitors could see live specimens cultured in small cages. Visitors may have a close encounter with live butterflies and their immature stages inside one of the netted cages.