The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery houses the water color and "Lepido-mosaic" paintings of Prof. Julian N. Jumalon, a multi-awarded artist. The Professor was the first Cebuano Fine Arts graduate of the University of the Philippines (Class 1936).

The "Lepido-mosaics" are "paintings" wherein discarded butterfly wings, also supplied by the artist's fellow collectors abroad, are recycled by utilizing their natural colors into a unique mode of artistic expression. His subjects vary from nature and environment to Philippine and Cebuano folklore ("Sa Kabukiran," "Sitsiritsit, Alibangbang, Salaginto, Salagubang," "Pobreng Alindahaw,") and historical personages such as Charles Darwin, Pres. Sergio Osmeņa, Sr., Dr. Jose Rizal and Lapu-lapu. Also exhibited in the Art Gallery are silk screen posters and air brush painting which date back to the 40's.

(Note: On display at the mini-museum are Jumalon's early vintage charcoal figure drawings when a Fine Arts student and a few oil paintings.)

Cave Art Lepido-Mosaic
Sa Kabukiran Water Color
Fear(Kahadlok) Water Color
Man to a Caterpillar Lepido-Mosaic