The Butterfly Sanctuary

The Butterfly Sanctuary has provided the natural habitat of 55 butterfly species and scores of moths and associated fauna. By itself, a veritable botanical garden, it has grown within the 1,460 sq. m. compound more than 100 plant species, most serving as part of the life-support system of butterflies and moths in their larval and adult stages.

Through the years, students with scientific inclination have been assisted in their term papers as wells as under-graduate and master's theses by having materials and specimens in the sanctuary available to them for research on butterfly life cycles and natural history.

To the general public, the sanctuary provides a showcase of the breeding of local butterflies and promoting conservation of butterflies and moths in the country.

For a closer encounter, a limited number of visitors are allowed to get inside the four-square-meter breeding cage wherein they can have better photos and may have the luck of having some butterflies alighting on them, given the specific scent and season.

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