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People behind
Ariel Alcantara Jumalon
  • The eldest of the Jumalon children.
  • Graduated B.S. Zoology at the University of San Carlos (USC).
  • Finished B.S.E., M.A. Anthropology candidate (USC).
  • M.A. in Educational Management - Southwestern University
  • Doctor of Education, major in Educational Management - Sothwestern University
  • Award: Meritissimus
  • Former Dean College of Arts and Sciences - Cebu Institute of Technology
  • Former Dean of Graduate School - Southwestern University
  • Former Vice President of Academic Affairs - Southwestern University
  • He is married to Paz Ceniza of Mandaue City. They have six children, namely, Arle Troy, Jules Van, Charmaine, Ariel Jr., Jon Kris and Abigail.