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Jumalon as a Family Man

Julian Navarro Jumalon married to Felicitacion Nacorda Alcantara

Julian Jumalon and his wife (in the middle) with their eight children

Julian Navarro Jumalon married Felicitacion Nacorda Alcantara on June 29, 1938. They have eight children, namely, Ariel, Humaida, Renato, Osman, Junonia, Noordin, Nepheronia and Daedalus (Douglas). Felicitacion Nacorda Alcantara is the niece of Julian Alcantara. She was orphaned when a small child and her uncle, Julian, adopted her. Julian Alcantara (Lolo Iyan) was once "Presidente del Pueblo" of Cebu and Warden of the Cebu Provincial Jail. A road is named after him - the former Private Road.

Julian Jumalon and his wife (on the wheelchair) with their grown-up children

Julian Jumalon's Family Recent Photos

Ariel A. Jumalon

Humaida A. Jumalon

Renato A. Jumalon

Osman A. Jumalon

Junonia A. Jumalon

Noordin A. Jumalon

Daedalus A. Jumalon

Nepheronia A. Jumalon