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People behind
Douglas/Daedalus Alcantara Jumalon
  • Second to the youngest of the Jumalon children
  • Graduated Bachelor of Arts (General) at Velez College, Cebu City
  • Currently resides in Cairns, Queensland, Australia
  • Worked as Butterfly Culturist and/or as Aquaculturist (fish, Artemia or prawn farming) in Philippines, Indonesia and Australia
  • Achievements include breaking the record on prawn production in 1990 in Philippines with the highest tonnage (6.3tons/4.8ha) of prawns under extremely adverse climate condition (Sunstar publication)
  • Also produced some of the best quality prawns in Australia and became known as the "Water Man" for maintaining some of the best pond culture water throughout the farming cycle
  • Had awards in Mountaineering.
  • Only child: Isabella Suan Jumalon - 4 years old